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Great offer for Vacation in Russia

Price from 993.03€ 7 Days / 6 Nights

If you want to visit Russia - this is our best option to make this dream comes true! Your unforgettable journey begins with visiting the heart of Russia – Moscow. You well have city tour with your personal guide and driver. Then you have free time to explore city and try local food. After few days in Moscow you will take train "Sapsan" to St. Petersburg. You'll be captivated by the enormous collection of works of art, collected for many centuries and carefully cherished in the walls of Hermitage, the leading museum of Russia.



Price from 1600€ 8 Days/ 7 Nights

We invite you to visit with us one of the Russian Great Lakes – Lake Baikal. Just the word itself “Baikal” breathes power of nature, enigma and beauty. The Sea (as locals call it) boasts plenty of mystique stories and legends from all the cultures and religions: Orthodox Christianity intermingles with the shamanism and Buddhism of Buryats and Mongols. Join us on our journey on and off the shores of “the Sea”, meet the locals, eat with locals and pay respects to their sacred places.


White Nights of St. Petersburg

Price from 2111.77€ 7 Days / 6 Nights

In St. Petersburg, the grand city of the czars, they call them the “White Nights”: those 80 or so evenings, running from May to the end of July, when the city emerges from long months of cold and darkness and celebrates the brief return of nearly round-the-clock daylight. Residents of Russia’s cultural capital — situated a few latitudinal lines south of the Arctic Circle, at the eastern end of the Gulf of Finland — have been welcoming the summer with relief and celebration ever since Peter the Great founded the city in the early 18th century.


Weekend journey to St. Petersburg

Price from 293.24€ 3 Days / 2 Night

We have a great offer for you to visit St. Petersburg. Special price for Early Booking!


Weekend journey to Moscow

Price from 489.44€ 3 Days / 2 Night

Three stunning days in one of the largest megapolices of the world are awaiting you, during which you’ll have a chance to visit the largest survived and active fortification on the territory of Europe – Kremlin.


St. Petersburg & Moscow jorney

Price from 0€ 1 0 days / 9 nights

Custom tour for Sunny Yeh for 9 persons.


Confederations Cup Tour Package

Price from 442.86€ 5 Days / 4 Night

Attention, the main sport event of this year - the FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017. Do not miss the chance to support your country in the international tournament, Your team needs you!