About “Do Travel”

We’re a company which has been inspired by the grandeur and beauty of Russia, and we’re eager to share this beauty with the rest of the world. We’re a company which is proud of what it’s doing. We’ve been in the tourist market about 8 years, and we’re ready to apply all our experience, to offer our clients the high-quality service and reassurance of safety and security during their journey. Our tours are developed to make you feel comfortable, and our accredited guides will help you experience the enigmatic beauty which is hidden under Russia’s veil of mystery. Our day-and-night emergency line will keep you from finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation in the country that we call our home. We’re sure that every client is worth an individual approach.

We’ll help every client to understand what exactly he or she wants to see during their journey around the boundless territory of Russia. While traveling with “Do Travel”, you can feel confident that your journey will be interesting, well designed and full of positive experiences and impressions.

Journey to Russia – it’s a special event in life of each person, because this country so big and so gorgeous. We design our tours in that way, so our clients can enjoy this event and get maximum impression.

We do provide next Travel Services:

  • Package tours
  • Accommodation
  • Visa support
  • Transportation (Transfers and Car rent)
  • Theatre and Show tickets
  • MICE and Business travel

For Agencies:

We always open for new partnership and we really care about our partners. If you work with us, you can be sure, that expectation of your customers will be fully satisfied and they will return to you. We are developing the system of loyalties, which can helps our partners to work with us with more effective. We trust, that in business main role plays relationship between partners. And successful operation fully depends on this aspect. If you want to be our partner, please, do not hesitate to contact us (contact details you can find on map above). We will be happy to work with you!

+7 (812) 386-7-888
5 Balkanskaya sq, office 1101, 192281 St. Petersburg,


In this pocket book you will bу able to find very useful information about Russia such as historical review, small vocabulary of Russian words and also our best offers for your journey to Russia.